About Us

Debbaudt Legacy Productions is dedicated to providing the finest live and virtual instruction and autism training tools for autism & law enforcement education, awareness and response. Our autism videos revolutionized training for police, first responders, and criminal justice professionals throughout North America.

DLP videos illustrate autism-related safety, risk factors and solutions for law enforcement and first response agencies. Let us enhance your autism risk & safety training program!

What people are saying about Debbaudt Legacy Productions videos:

Mary Otto Oregon Police Corps, Boring, Oregon says: “The video Autism and Law Enforcement provides a quick and engaging education in autism that can help increase safety for both officers and individuals with autism, as well as minimize the potential for litigation that could occur as a result of a misunderstanding. Interviews and vignettes involving people with autism concretely convey the reality of how challenging they can be to interact with and how vulnerable to crime and exploitation they are…”

John M. Skinner, Chief, Port St. Lucie, Florida, Police Department says: “Chief executives in the 21st century face incredible challenges meeting training needs of their respective agencies. Since September 11, 2001, federal, state, and local training mandates have warranted tremendous attention for chief executives. Nonetheless, meeting the seemingly endless needs of other in-service training issues cannot be ignored. Short duration videos viewed at roll calls represent one avenue law enforcement…”

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