Autism & Law Enforcement

This ground-breaking video features 15 children and adults at various points on the autism spectrum, an actor who has autism, actual 911 calls, and reflects American diversity. It has the look and feel of TV news, uses real life events to punctuate these issues, and on-the-job officers to deliver the message. The use of state-of-the-art editing and graphics, a creative and informative script, and action makes this video the perfect autism training tool for law enforcement.

With guidance from professional law enforcement and first response advisors, the Autism & Law Enforcement Digital Video (ALEDV) offers tips and options for communications and responses designed to successfully resolve a call involving a person with autism.

Every viewer of ALEDV will come away with a good, practical understanding of what autism is–and what to do when interacting with children and adults who are affected by it.

This video is produced by Debbaudt Legacy Productions, a video documentary production company dedicated to providing the finest in professional training tools for autism education and awareness.

The video merges documentary techniques and vignettes to explore and explain critical autism issues for officers, including:


  • Lack Of Fear Of Real Danger
  • Sensory Over-Stimulation
  • Wandering And Other First Contact Issues
  • Communications And Behaviors
  • Responding To The Call
  • De-escalation Responses
  • Restraint & Arrest
  • Interviews & Witness Statements
  • Understanding Legal Rights
  • Vulnerability To Street Crime

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Autism & Law Enforcement: Roll Call Briefing

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(French) Autism & Law Enforcement

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Fire Rescue & Law Enforcement Double Feature

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The Autism & Law Enforcement Digital Video is 21 minutes and in digital format.

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